Seam Locker and Power Fastener Machine

Seam Locker Machine

   Ziber S-10 and S-12 seam locker machines are CHEAP and FAST solution if you are producing rectangular  HVAC ducts, where  using Pittsburgh seams connection method. Operators can easily handle this machine without special trainings and knowledges.

   Compared with other solutions for closing Pittsburgh seam locks, these machines have unique advantages and long life without special maintenance.

We guarantee best ratio of price and quality for our seam lockers without any hesitation. 

Power Fastener Machine

   Ziber P-200 Power Fastener machines are suitable for HVAC ducts producing workshops, where using TDC flange connection technology. You will not need any screwdrivers or expensive spot welding machines for connecting flanges on ducts. 

   P-200 Power fastener machine being simple solution integrates technology of cold pressing  using punching force from powerful motor and special dies and punches. 

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        We are China based company, specialized in developing and suppling power tools for HVAC duct working. Our main products are Seam locker machines S-10 and S-12 and Power fastener machines P-200 which are made by using German technologies and as result having low price due to their origin. Compared with other existing solutions these machines give you more productivity and comfort with very low prices. Nowadays to be competitive in your industry you must have good inventory and technologies to meet your customer’s quality and delivery requirements.

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