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If you are engaged in the production of HVAC ducts, you will definitely be familiar with the Power fastener machine or manual press from a well-known company at fabulous prices, but we want to present you our similar solution for fixing the TDC flanges on the HVAC ducts, which is 3x cheaper and which you can order right now with Express delivery to your company.

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Power Fastener P200 - Simple and Fast

Power fastener Ziber P-200 is the simplest and most effective electrical tool for connecting different metal parts. 

Using this electrical hand pressing machine, you can produce form-fitting material connection with joints that are easy to reproduce using cold pressing.

No Fasteners

The rectangular joining point appears as a shallow raised spot. This means that you have no interference contour, such as in the case of edges that you find with screws and rivets. 

The simple handling means no fasteners are required and the machine is quickly ready for use.

Ziber P-200 can also be adapted to the desired application quickly and easily. Simply choose the relevant tool.

Main Features of Power Fastener Machines

We manufacture our power fasteners using latest German technologies, but sell it with affordable prices, so everyone can buy and use it in their workshops for producing rectangular ducts.
User Friendly

Ziber P-200 power fastener offers an impressively compact and slim design, which makes it particularly well-suited to uses where space is limited. The geometry of the tool also has a large throat depth with a minimal interference contour. This produces flawless connections when processing ventilation ducts. Application on tight corners and small flange widths is also no problem for the Ziber P-200.

Corrosion-Resistant Connections

With the clinching process, the sheets of metal to be joined are placed on top of each other. Then the tool cuts a strip into the sheets in a combined punching and forming process.  A form-fitting and corrosion-resistant connection joins the top and lower sheets as the materials flow into one another. The connection point solidifies resulting in a permanent connection without additional tools or heat.

Perfect Surface

The joining zone is not exposed to thermal load or tension. The protective layer flows with the material during forming. This means that the material properties are unchanged, remain free of oxidation, and the surface structure is not damaged.  There is no need for preliminary work or rework. An additional benefit is that clinching avoids material surface contamination. This is perfect for coated and uncoated materials; even sheet metal with a layer of oil is ideally suited to this.


Power fastener Ziber P-200 mostly using in HVAC ductwork for connecting ducts with TDC flanges. Sheet thickness may be from 0.8mm to max. 4mm. The result is a long-lasting connection in one operation, without additional connecting elements.

Easy Operation

Get tight and clean connections just with one push of a button

Tilting Arm For Punch

Tilt the arm to have more space for easily install machine on flanges.

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