Seam locker machines

Are you still using hammer or some other expensive seam locker machines for locking duct pittsburgh seams on HVAC ducts?
Do you know that there are already very simple power tools, which are available to everyone?

From 719 USD
Ziber Seam locking machine
Worker using seam locker machine

Everyone agrees that using portable power tool instead of hand tool gives you more productivity and quality with less efforts, especially in duct works.

That is why we suggest you to learn more about our seam locker machines Ziber S-10 and S-12.

Seam Locker machine on duct

Seam locking machines Ziber are ideal solutions for companies engaged in production of ducts for ventilation and air conditioning systems.

They can easily close pittsburgh seams both on straight ducts and on curved parts as well.

Seam locker machine with many ducts
Machine video
Comparing with other solutions
Comparing table of seam locker machines

Main features of Seam Locker Machines

Ducting machine plug

EU standard plug allows you use machine everywhere.


The 1400watt motors provide stable and fast processing even for thick sheets.

Seam locking machine motor
HVAC ducting machine handle

Automatic adjustment to the sheet thickness within tool's processing range gives you freedom in controlling seam results.

Worker closing pittsburgh seam
We manufacture our seam locker machines using latest German technologies, but sell it with affordable prices, so everyone can buy and use it in their workshops for producing rectangular ducts.
Low tool weight supports precise and continuous operation without any efforts.
Portable Seam locker machine
Power tool
Button with lock feature
To start the machine operator only need to push button once and it will be fixed during the whole process.
Smooth speed control provides high mobility for different seam shapes. Speed adjusting wheel with numbers
Seam locker speed control
Seam locker machine at site
Ergonomically designed tool for universal use both for duct production and installation sites.
1. Hardened and polished rollers
2.Supporting rollers for lock accuracy
Seam closing machine scheme
What's in the box?
Seam locker machine box
Seam locker machine technical data

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